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Marvellous Makes Lab

Get your hands warmed up and your lab coat on!

Stop Motion Animated STEM Series

Marvellous Makes Lab combines science and creativity with fun experiments that you can do right at home! This series shows you how ordinary household objects can be transformed into mind-bending creations, like an air cannon, a lava lamp, or a paper helicopter that actually flies!

Directed by

Matt Wierenga


Kids 3-9

Series 1 Available on


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Marvellous Makes Lab
Craft Series
Clay Jam
Bully Beast


Stop Motion Pixilation and Puppet Animation

Pixilation is a technique where live actors are animated frame-by-frame, like a living stop motion puppet. In Marvellous Makes Lab we combine the actor's hands with stop motion characters. This creates a charming magical effect where everything, even the make itself, comes to life.