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Chicken Squirrel

Found Footage


The Chicken Squirrel (Gallus Gallus Sciuridae) was our first puppetry and CG hybrid. It was a precursor to our short film Snood Weasels and allowed us to test our puppet creation and 3D tracking techniques. We love dreaming up strange creatures which could plausibly lurk in undiscovered forests.

Puppet Making
Fur Transfer
Puppet Making


Cable driven puppet with CG features

At Super Strange we use all sorts of things to make our puppets. Stop Motion Armature joints are very useful but we also like to use everyday items too, repurposing them to help create quirky movements. The Chicken Squirrel was made from old umbrella pieces and bicycle brake cables.

Filmmaking is our passion, but we also love puppet making. If you have a puppetry project that you´d like us to help with, please get in touch. We can cater for any project, from a simple puppet mechanism to a full-scale puppet production.