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Chaos Castle

a place where absurd animated shorts meet ingenious interactivity!

Stop Motion Animation combined with CG

Adventurous Gogo and cautious Sproggy, are on a mission to explore a delightfully weird Castle.

Every room contains a fantastical setting and quirky inhabitant with their own charming and ridiculous animated short.

Gogo and Sproggy discover the strange behaviours of each castle resident and join in with their offbeat activities, partaking in everything from bizarre baking to messy makeovers.

Created by

Chris Roe



Project Status

In Development

Stop Motion Animation
Chaos Castle Combines CG Animation with Plasticine


CG Animation combined with Plasticine on Glass

We love the stretchy, squashy, tactile nature of Plasticine animation. Using a single material unifies everything in Chaos Castle no matter how diverse it gets.

 To make the interactive world and keep the production scale feasible, we will combine real world clay stop motion elements with clay textured CG animation. Both have their advantages, and we know exactly when to use each method.

 We are currently working on our Unreal Engine tools and tech to efficiently construct the castle interior. The tool will be simple, enjoyable, and quite relaxing to use.